Here's a collection of portraits and short stories from people I met on my trips around the world. Thank you for tuning in and see you soon, bye bye!

Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Autumn 2020.

I had not invited anyone. But the people who knew it was my birthday still came by. We decided to make a small a campfire and we sat around it, because the weather was so nice.

For my birthday, my friends gave me these dungarees. They also gave me a sign they had painted themselves that read Buurthuis, Community centre. We installed it above our door. The idea behind the community center sign is that people can walk in anytime, unannounced, whenever they want.

Anyone can always come in and participate. I just like that. If someone feels a bit alone, they can always knock, they’re welcome.. And maybe come watch a movie inside, or drink a cup of coffee.

Anyone can always come in and participate. I just like that if someone feels a little lonely, they can always knock, they are welcome ..

To come inside and watch a movie or have a cup of coffee. I think that contributes to the neighborhood.

But now not many people come to visit. I’m sure people will do this again in a while. I want to start announcing on Facebook if people want to come by, they can knock on the door. But I’m not going to do that just yet because I don’t think that’s appropriate for the present time.