Here's a collection of portraits and short stories from people I met on my trips around the world. Thank you for tuning in and see you soon, bye bye!

Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Autumn 2020.

My nephew turned nine last week. He’s a very loud child. I was there on his birthday and he even baked a cake. He was very proud of that. My mom helped him bake a cake for all the guests. It was a yogurt cake with footballs in it.

He had asked everyone who came to his birthday for money. He wanted a Nintendo Switch and proudly showed me a note at the end of the day, adding up all the money he had received.
And he told me “I already have 170 euros for the Switch!” And my sister and her boyfriend would pay the rest of the amount.

Then suddenly a box appeared on the dining table. And he was standing there screaming, “I knew it! I knew it! It’s the Switch!” And he immediately handed over his bowl of money to my sister and tore off the wrapping paper.

And since then my nephew has become a nice and calm child.