Here's a collection of portraits and short stories from people I met on my trips around the world. Thank you for tuning in and see you soon, bye bye!

Casa Na Bolom, San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. Spring 2020.

When I was little, my father would take me with him. In this place, there were always people from all over the world, and the Lacandons sitting around the big table. We used to come here to Casa Na Bolom and listen to the conversations.

I know my father came here many many times on his own, because Trudy wasn’t too patient with kids. And she was very scary. I remember her as a very scary person.

She was Swiss and Frans was Danish, so Na Bolom was always very connected with those countries. And there was a connection with the United States because he used to work there.

I recall it was amazing to listen to all these international things going on, like when they were talking about a new archeological site they had found. It was very exciting.

Trudy died 30 years ago. She said she wanted me to come and help, and then she died. Things have changed obviously. Na Bolom became this in-between world you know. It no longer had owners but it kept being run as a house.

I became a historian. And I think that I chose this career, and learned these different languages, because of this place.

When I came back to Na Bolom I started as a volunteer five years ago, and then they hired me to stay in charge of the museum. After two years I was asked to direct Na Bolom.

We’re now recovering the main reason it had, as a research center and passage for everyone who wanted to work with Chiapas, with indigenous people, and mainly the Lacandons.

Because that was what it was 50 years ago. I want this place to still be a reference for that, like a bridge to connect peoples.

We’re looking to expand our library, get more books, and have more information so visitors can consult the whole panorama here in terms of history and archeology, in images and writing.

I think that would be very useful for researchers and for people who want to do more things with the different topics we work with. We want to bring everything together.

And remembering my personal experience, it’s a place that really opened my mind. That’s why I want to preserve it, and show this history to new generations.